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    • STEELWith abundant business experience with global leading steel enterprises and business knowledge, Hyundai Corporation is one of the world-best steel traders.MORESTEEL image
      CHEMICALResponding to rapidly changing market conditions and satisfying customers through quick intelligence capabilities and skilled business techniques, Hyundai Corporation is growing to one of the world-best chemical product traders.MORECHEMICAL image
    • AUTOMOBILECooperating with Hyundai Motor and KIA Motor, which have high brand power in the global automobile market, Hyundai Corporation focuses to find and expand new markets through various sales activities.MOREAUTOMOBILE image
      RAILWAY SYSTEMCooperating with Hyundai Rotem, which has the world-class competitiveness in railroad car design, manufacture and service fields, Hyundai Corporation supplies various kinds of railroad car-related equipments to the global market.MORERAILWAY SYSTEM image
    • SHIPAs an affiliated company of Hyundai Heavy Industries, which is well-known as the global No.1 enterprise in the shipbuilding field, Hyundai Corporation provides customers with the optimum shipbuilding services and marine equipments.MORESHIP image
      PLANTHyundai Corporation supplies various large-scale industrial facilities and infrastructure through its quick intelligence networks, excellent marketing capabilities and advanced financing techniques.MOREPLANT image
    • ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTHyundai Corporation offers various services from the supply of all kinds of electric equipments such as generators, transformers and distribution boards to engineering, installation and project financing.MOREELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT image
      GREEN ENERGYTo spread environment-friendly clean energy to human societies, Hyundai Corporation continues to perform green energy business focusing on solar and wind energy.MOREGREEN ENERGY image
    • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTHyundai Corporation works on supplying various reliable construction equipments that satisfy customers’ needs focusing on excavators, wheel loaders and forklifts and industrial vehicles.MORECONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT image
      NATURAL RESOURCESBased on over 30 years’ abundant business experiences in coal, oil and gas fields, Hyundai Corporation will positively promote the exploration and the development of promising energy and mineral resources.MORENATURAL RESOURCES image
  • RECRUITCreativity, Challenge, Professional main_t4_img_161115
  • The atmosphere and people at headquarters were much better than I thought they would be / Hyundai Corp. U.S.A Tim Davis

    H-STORYHyundai Corporation will design the future with creativity and passion